Saturday, September 17, 2011


Unnecessary frills and furbelows aren't your thing, especially today. Super tight and shiny really is overkill at the moment -- you're sexy enough in plain cotton. Sleek lines that accentuate your amazing figure are enough.

What I'm wearin:
Pants: ~Pepper~ Baggy Jeans - ZEBRA - TFG - 70L$ [Pepper Accessoires]             @ .NINU. Fashion district & The Fashion Garret ::TFG:: Limo!
Cup of coffe: @ Poche 0L$  Limo!
Sneakers: old hunt gift
Hair: blogged before
Lip,nose n dimple piercing: @Pepper Accessoires
              ~Pepper~ Piercing Swirls and Plugs Limo!
Glasses necklace: @Pepper Accessoires
              ~Pepper~ Sunglasses Necklace Limo!  
Suspenders: @ Delirium - Heather outfit Limo!
Panties: @ JeSyLiLO ~~ group gift 2 colors(pink also) Limo!
Hoodie: @ Intrigue Co. Pink Pouched Hoodie Limo!
Coke:    @ :. LuTimez .: Coke Bottle FREE(subscribe/ dunno if still available
             [EY:NO] Mainstore     &      :. LuTimez .:, White Bay Cay Limo! 
Bracelet: ::TFG:: Gift Group Special Summer Edition
               @.NINU. Fashion district & The Fashion Garret     ::TFG:: Limo!


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