Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let the picture get blurry for a bit

You cannot rush anyone into feeling more or wanting more than they are ready for. Focus on the people who already know and appreciate you. Let anyone else come to their conclusions in their own time. Give them space to let them feel comfortable..

What i'm wearin:
Hair: Magika [Hair] Break
Glasses: DECO - Buddy Glasses - Licorice
Ears: pandaears 
Lollipop: * Sweet Sin *  - Lollipop *Where is Hunt* Free!
Necklace: [Fairy Tail]Bow long necklace
Shirt: (Milk Motion) My tiger cashmere @TDR Blue 70L$!
Pants(layer1): Legging leather -Smoke *REDGRAVE* 
Pants: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Unbuttoned Long Shorts Black CutOff
Bag: Lang Suede Satchel in Dark Brown - Arm here Free!
Shoes: ::LC:: BeDazzle Me Baby Pumps [Nude] here 70L$!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Talk over the details

Your indecision about a matter of the heart is starting to drive you crazy, but trust your instinct, no matter that it's telling you to waffle. Acting impulsively now won't make you happy down the road.

What I'm wearing:
Hair: Magika [01] Break
Piercings: piercing eye [ni.Ju] Simple Piercing 01 Free!
Piercings(2): ::[annaA]:: Face Piercing AD&DW #77 Free!
Mouth:(-Atypical-)  Kawaii Riceball keychain KawaiiHunt 43#  Free!
Hairband: ! mu. spikey hair band. Free!
Gloves: TEN"10 Mira gloves skin tone 3 AD&DW #68 Free!
Scarf: -paper.doll- Draped: Leopard
Top: Izzie's - Tank Top black (shirt)
Jacket: MIEL VARSITY JACKET BRIGHT Customize text using HUD[back too]
Lanyard: blogged before
Purse [pink]: +9 knit pig coin purse(boxed)x'mas mall Ltd. Free!
Glasses:.::ODB::. AD&DW  SnowFlake Nerd Glasses AD&DW #13 [hint: Gacha!] Free!
Belt: !Admiral Spicy! Studd Up Belt (Pink) #10 [:Where is... HunT:] Free!
Shorts: Spirit Store - Vadya shorts blue unisex
Plasties: blogged before
Uggs: ::.rb.:: autumn uggs grey wool pattern Group gift!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

time for a little snow

Give in to a surprising impulse -- you'll have fun, and secretly impress your friends with your willingness to splurge.You've got the big love picture, the one everybody wants to get a peek at. Perhaps it's time for a little show-and-tell with a few carefully selected viewers. Then you can review their reactions..

What I'm wearing[2nd]:
Hair: [BURLEY]_Babs_Blacks 
Plugs: Nox. Large Plug  [Snowflake] #22 [:Where is... HunT:] Free! 
Headphones: DEF! Headphones/Beats By DEF!/Solo/Red
Nails: ((Crystal line))Prim nail"Crystal" & Nail Reset HUD
Hoodie: .:villena:. - MESH Hoodie  Happiness
Plasters: KawaiiHunt 4# - - DAMNED - Free!
Boots: Atooly - Winter Boots Blue 75L$
Ninpendo: .:: M*G*S ::. Ninpendo DS white "Dr.MARUO" Free!
Sleigh: .:: M*G*S ::. SLEIGH (wear) (has a walking animation ^^ so cute) Free!

What's Bella wearing[1st]:
Sweater: :. LuTimez .: Winter Sweater #5 [:Where is...HunT:] Free!
Jeans: [DuLcE] Whore Jeans Ripped (Black)
Boots: *Kookie* Pomski Boots - Autumn Red
Hair:  Magika [01] Nonesense
Makeup: -Damned- DWinter Makeup /R #9 [:Where is...HunT:] Free!
Chest Tattoo: Ink'D Up! :Blessed:
Belly Tattoo: [DuLcE] Boricua Tattoo
Belt: ~Pepper~ Embrace Belt
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long
Nose Piercing: [-B-] :Basic Piercings: - Septum
Mouth Piercing: [ni.ju] Overload Piercing_Dark_Set C



Sometimes projects need a leader who can blend into background. Be the master of camouflage and witness the action from a key vantage point. When the right time comes, rise up with clarity and take the lead..

What I'm wearing:
Hair&Hat: RAW HOUSE :: Sad Santa [Jet] old gift
Glasses:[N!] Bookworm Glasses - Blue Plaid (Oct. Group Gift)
Candy: -=FORSAKEN=- Stabby Cane VSC #14  Free!
Lanyard: [N!] Nerd Herd Lanyard (Group Gift Oct. 2011)
Coat: R.icielli - Zoe Jacket - CHRISTMAS HUNT #item 12 15L$
Pants: [Pumpkin] Loose jeans G Free on LB
Suspenders: DS Suspenders part of an outfit @ :: Delirium Style ::
Sneakers: {Elygo} Supra_Wings_Sneakers 

Monday, December 12, 2011


Egads -- there's too much going on in the love department for you to have time to analyze and classify all of it. Relax and let it flow over you (except for any overbearing people; tell them to get lost)..

What I'm wearing:
Hair: >TRUTH< Kalista - espresso
Hat: [19MC?] Straw hat Free!
Blazer: {mon tissu} Rockaby Blazer - Brown
Top: Izzie's - Tank Top black (shirt)
Jeans: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Low Unbuttoned Jeans Grey Flare Cuffs
Necklace(2nd): ~ CoLoReTa's:] my hanGing bOttle Cap {STWH item} Free!
Bag: #90 With Love (again) From...vive9 :. Evonne Fringed Bag 10L$!
Belt: *COCO*_WrapSkinnyBelt_Silver-Studs(pelvis)
Boots: NINU :: Apache boots Free(subscribe)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


You can accomplish a lot in the realm of romance, but it's not the kind of stuff that's easy to tally up: soul-searching, pondering the past, analyzing the present and moving into the future..

What I'm wearin:
Hair: >TRUTH< Mandy 
Vest and Shirt: .:villena:. - Sailor Vest black Free on LB <3
Pants: [ SAKIDE ] Worn Corduroy Pants White Free on MMboard
Necklace: madeleine - croix noire Free!
Bracelet: Armidi Limited -  Neon Stacked Bangles - Assorted 1
HairBand: ! mu. spikey hair band. Free!
Belt: ~Pepper~ Chunky Belt - BLACK
Boots: **DECO - Lumbermine Boots - Black**

Something sweet awaits

Sometimes you're not quite as levelheaded or organized in the love department as you are in the rest of your life. That's fine, but don't neglect some glaring romantic details now..
What I'm wearin:
Hair: [e] Vivid - Rich Browns
Necklace(long one): [ glow ] Necklace Amelie pearl TDR @TDR 45L$ hurry up!
Dress: ++NODe++ uniform for female available in 3 colors <3 Free!
Vest: ISON - belted fur vest (brown) 75L$!
Uggs: *Tentacio* winther boots Free!
Bag: Indyra Originals DIMH3 #086 Free!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Try to at least smile authentically.

Ambassadeurs - Vahlia

People enter and exit in your life , and sometimes exits are for the best..

What I'm wearin:
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Mae [Jet]
Glasses: Reek - Aeroplane Shades - Girls
Poncho: [BUKKA] poncho ::stlipe gray brown:: Free-LuckyLetter
Belt: dl: MILITARY Belt
Leggings: loveme. Watermelon Flower
Uggs: Atooly - Winter Boots Blue 75L$

Saturday, December 3, 2011

you'll save the day!

Neon Hitch - Silly Girl (Brenton Duvall Remix ft. Wiz Khalifa)
It's easy to get stuck in a rut, especially when your weekends consist of little more than sitting in front of the TV and catching up on the DVR. Yep. You hate to hear it, but don't you think it's time you got some fresh air?

What I'm wearing:
Hoodie&Scarf: [*RD*]*Hoodie Scarf-Cheetah* available now @Toxic Shock - 75L$ Hurry up^^
Tshirt: GATO - 80s Maxi Tee 70L$
Necklace: .::SPg::.Heart Necklace - Rare Gatcha 30L 
Stockings: *League* Thermal Stokings Camel
Boots: Concrete Flowers
Bags: -RC- Cans for Donating Free!