Thursday, December 15, 2011


Sometimes projects need a leader who can blend into background. Be the master of camouflage and witness the action from a key vantage point. When the right time comes, rise up with clarity and take the lead..

What I'm wearing:
Hair&Hat: RAW HOUSE :: Sad Santa [Jet] old gift
Glasses:[N!] Bookworm Glasses - Blue Plaid (Oct. Group Gift)
Candy: -=FORSAKEN=- Stabby Cane VSC #14  Free!
Lanyard: [N!] Nerd Herd Lanyard (Group Gift Oct. 2011)
Coat: R.icielli - Zoe Jacket - CHRISTMAS HUNT #item 12 15L$
Pants: [Pumpkin] Loose jeans G Free on LB
Suspenders: DS Suspenders part of an outfit @ :: Delirium Style ::
Sneakers: {Elygo} Supra_Wings_Sneakers 

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