Thursday, October 27, 2011

baby you got the key..

Being forgetful can sometimes be a blessing -- remember that the next time you re in a rush and you cant find your house keys or sunglasses.The same brain that makes you forget where you put something also forget about hurtful episodes from your life -- eventually. The pain or sorrow you've felt recently  is fading slowly, but it's fading surely.Have faith that the worst is behind you,because it is.Keep moving foward,and leave the past behind...

What I'm wearing: 
Outfit: I ALEIDA I Christa dress - pink (MHOH HUNT) Free! (belt and shoes included) Limo!
Hair: Yolanda - Truth Limo! 
Necklace: [PF] Bottle Charm (Pk heart/Bl Bow) GATCHA 10L$ @Pink Fuel Limo!


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