Friday, October 7, 2011

morning sunshine!

Today, just focus on relaxing and enjoying yourself -- let everyone else worry about their dramas without you. You should take no part in them. And whatever relationship issues you have been trying to work through can wait another day or so to be dealt with, too. You have more important things to do -- like enjoy the company of people you never get to see often enough. Busy yourself with having a good time! It's time for you to celebrate, not deliberate..

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What im wearin:
Hair: Magika // Color Pack // Luna Limo!
Hair Bow: Free in update group  Magika // Kawaii Bow Limo!
Bra&Panties: Waffle! Spotted [Black/Pink] 10L Limo!
back Tattoo: Free!subscribe**[M.O.a.R] Exclusive! Ladygarden Tattoo Limo!
feet: [AL] Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot - Foot Attach 10L$ Marketplace!

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