Friday, February 17, 2012

Growing field

Cage:[SourPickles] Cardinal Bird Cage (Silver) MondayMania 50Linds  
          [SourPickles] Cardinal Bird Cage (Bonze) MondayMania 50Linds
Feast your eyes on this pretty baby. These Cardinal bird cages play a looped cardinal churping sound when clicked. This is offered in both a Bronze and Silver color. This cage is only 5 prims.
Set: Vent du sud smoothie patio armchairs &  couch 1Lind each

Birdhouse: [SourPickles] Chickadee Birdhouse  Frenzy 50Linds
This funny little bird house is something fun to bring to your home. With a loop at the top of the house it can be hung on anything. Inside is a pair of eggs on a nest of twigs. Outside on the perch is a tiny Chickadee bird that churps when clicked. This bird house is a mere 6 prims.
Fountain: [SourPickles] Bird Fountain Fifty5 Thursday Item 55Linds
It is time to lighten up that yard or anywhere you sit fit with this Chickadee Bird Bath. For a simple 3 prims it comes with two feathers. When the water or bird is touched a seamless sound plays either of water or a bird chirping.

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